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At changem we provide a range of services to support organisations who are seeking to improve the wellbeing of individuals and society, and contribute to long-term social change. We support organisations to improve the quality of their current operations, and to look at what they can achieve in the future. 

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We believe that better decisions are made when all relevant voices are considered, and that effectively engaging stakeholders is integral to successful change processes. Engagement can range from seeking input from employees for quality improvement projects, to consultation on a proposal for change, to co-design of a new service.


We have experience in multiple approaches, and in a range of contexts - from internal engagement with a project team, through to full public consultation. We have a particular interest in making consultation/engagement processes accessible to everyone.

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Social change is rarely achieved with one-off projects. Strategic planning supports organisations to identify what they want to achieve in the long-term, and focuses all of the work of the organisation towards achieving those objectives.


Our Director has a particular interest in strategic planning. She previously worked as a Portfolio Manager for a District Health Board, where she was responsible for the strategic planning and funding of mental health and addiction services, with an annual budget of $85 million NZ dollars. As part of this role she led the development of a mental health and addiction strategic plan, by following a robust planning process including wide public consultation.

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We believe that significant innovation and change is required in some areas of the health and social service sectors.


We have experience in designing new services. Our Director has designed community-based services and has experience in overseeing concept development, consultation, change management, tender evaluation and selection, and service implementation.  She was involved in a governance role of a project to design a new inpatient hospital ward.



High performing, top quality services can make the most impact in our communities.


We have provided quality improvement services for a number of non-government organisations, including assisting with internal audit programmes, policy review and development, complaint investigation and quality plan development. 

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One of the biggest barriers to change, and to improving the quality of current services, is poor communication. Funders need to understand who you are, what difference you make, what you would like to do differently and why.  Employees need to understand what the issues are, why change is needed, and what change might mean for them.

We have significant experience in research and writing and can support your organisation to communicate clearly. We have previously assisted organisations with literature reviews to support service development, strategic plan development, policy development and funding proposals. 

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For human rights to be enjoyed by all people in our society in the future, human rights education is required.


Our Director regularly provides training and speaks publicly to raise understanding and awareness. She has presented at professional conferences in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria. She has also been a keynote speaker for multiple national conferences in New Zealand, and has delivered guest lectures for University postgraduate papers. 


peer supervision 

The peer workforce (including peer support workers and consumer advisors) is a priority area for investment and workforce development in the mental health and addiction sector in New Zealand. 

Effective supervision can improve the effectiveness, and wellbeing, of the peer workforce. However finding skilled and supportive supervisors who understand peer values and roles can be very difficult. 

We can provide supervision to peers working in NGOs or DHBs. Our Director has worked as a Consumer Advisor, is trained in intentional peer support, has experience supervising peer workers and is undergoing further supervision training. 

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